Monday Meals #2 – Cheese, lots of cheese

It was a grey old Sunday, so batch cooking was very enjoyable. There is nothing quote as cosy as cooking and pottering indoors on a grotty day; it makes me feel quite virtuous

As is my wont, I may possibly have over-catered again. So this week I shall mostly be eating cheese sauce based food! The cheese came from my tub of frozen, grated Christmas leftovers

Lunches as usual are homemade soups or salads. Although this week, I might be taking some mac & cheese one day at least

Breakfasts are porridge or toast (except on Monday when I have my bacon and cheese roll, washed with a good old mug of tea, in the canteen at work)

  1. Cauliflower and broccoli cheese
  2. Macaroni cheese (I made too much cheese sauce, so rather than chuck it, or just eat it straight from the pan, I made some mac & cheese)
  3. Mac & cheese – again!
  4. C&B cheese – again!
  5. Last of the oriental party food (thank goodness!)
  6. Jacket potatoes with salad
  7. Homemade salmon fishcakes


I will eventually get through all those Christmas leftovers… anyone else still eating up the festive food, or is it just me?

Weekly Roundup #2

Don’t ask, just don’t ask!

Put a pound back on, didn’t stick to my budget, but on the plus side I seem to have almost fought off the virus which has plagued me all this year

I’ve used the times when I have crawled out of my sick bed to do some surveys and sign up for some mystery shopping

Back to work tomorrow


Frugal Friday #1 – SoS

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the boxed set of Michael Palin’s Diaries

Unfortunately I was laid low over New Year with a lousy cold, but reading MP’s diaries was just like having an old friend come and natter to me whilst I languished upon my sick bed

The first book is his diary entries from the 1970s, which took me right back to my childhood in a small village in the wilds of Norfolk countryside and the frequent power cuts and shortages of those days

As a child it always felt like an adventure when the power went out. The whole family would cluster around the open fire in the lounge, lit by flickering candles. To this day I still feel the need to keep a small supply of basic white candles just in case of a powercut!

In the book, Palin mentions the government SOS campaign during the tie of the infamous 3 day week. Basically we were all urged to “Switch Off Something”  to conserve electricity, and consequently fuel

This is something that I have been doing since moving to my new pad last March and I have found that my bills are considerably less that before – I shall have to carry on for a few more months before I can provide a proper breakdown comparison spreadsheet of savings, but I can definitely say that I’ve noticed a difference

Admittedly living alone makes it a lot easier, but just imagine the savings you could make by having family evenings in the lounge making your own entertainment all whilst only heating and lighting one room!




Monday Meals #1 – Odds & Ends

As part of a healthier and more frugal life I am planning on meal planning this year

I’ve tried using a formal week long meal plan, but my tastes and fancies tend to change daily, so I can’t say what I will want as the week goes on. So, I draw up a rough list of ideas and recipes for the week ahead and then pick from it each day; organised but still flexible

As I hosted Christmas 2017, I have a strange assortment of things left over in the freezer and fridge. I boiled down the chicken carcass to make stock for soup, grated all the leftover hard cheeses and froze them

I am aiming to buy only fresh veg and salads until everything in the freezer has been used up, so January is going to have some odd meals

Breakfasts are either 2 slices of toast with jam or homemade porridge and lunches are either homemade soup with a couple of bread rolls or a homemade salad

My list of options for main this week are

  1. Oriental party food
  2. Chicken and ham pie (made with leftover Christmas ham and chicken)
  3. Slow cooker stew (made with stewing steak from freezer)
  4. Chicken and mushroom pie (last of the leftover chicken)
  5. More oriental party food (I rather over-catered on the party food front)
  6. Portion of previously made veg lasagna (from freezer)
  7. Brie & cranberry sauce (Yep, you guessed it more Christmas leftovers) with bread rolls & salad

gonna eat that

Admittedly, that little lot isn’t great for the Fat side of my intentions, but it is frugal and the portions won’t be large


Joining in the The Meal Planning Linky Week #1 Meal Plan

Hosted by KatyKicker & The Organised Life Project


Time to get my fat arse in to gear!

Well, it has been a hell of a year (actually the 3 before weren’t great either) for my finances, health and weight

So,  this blog will be my journal for 2 main areas:


Lose weight

Get fitter


Clearing debts

Sorting finances out

Saving money


I’ll be tracking the money and health but also creating lists of tips

There will also be some (probably a lot!) of swearing along the way!

And this is NOT how it is supposed to go…

turn life around

Happy New Year!!!